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It’s 3pm, you have probably had a million things float around your head today about what you need to do later. It might be an idea to write some of these down.

Possibly, the recurring idea to get started on that new project was also something you had thought of briefly earlier on but you couldn’t give it too much attention because of the business you are attending to in your job or other tasks.

Maybe you’ll forget about that project for another few days, weeks, briefly thinking about it but never dedicating time to it. Will it ever grow legs realistically?

David Allen, productivity guru talks about our minds being great places to create ideas, but not to store them.

He promotes the idea of writing things down. Make lists, lots of lists. Get it out of your head so you can think and become more efficient on what are doing now.

You wont ever forget ideas if you write them down!

Our memories are limited so getting into the good habit of writing things down will aid you in avoiding that feeling of regret because you forget the ideas you had which was going to make you rich or a way to achieve greater happiness.

The beginning of a productive life is becoming more organised.

Work with me if you would like to get more organised and structure your thoughts and ideas in a coherent way which will put your ducks in a row.

Some of these themes will be covered in the course I have written called Choose To Thrive.

Email me for more information at rob@lifechoicesolutions.com

Get to the list building and writing your ideas down my good people!

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