Who Do I Listen To?

Listen to eveyone

I was asked to list a couple of people I listen to or have been influenced by.

Check them out and maybe add some of your own favs below.

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Philip Mckernan – Irish Coach/Motivational speaker

I saw Philip on London Real last year at some stage and watched some of his other interviews and he comes across as someone who is deeply interested in helping others really shift from a place of stuckness to a place of opportunity. I like what he says and recommend having a search for some of his interviews.

Dan Pena – Coach/Entrepreneur

Dan Pena will not be for everyone’s tastes. He shouts a lot and calls people cunts a lot too. I find that amusing to be honest and refreshing in a field where everything can be very politically correct. Dan shakes it up and he can well afford to shake things up. He is estimated to have coached people who listen to him to the conservative valuation of 50 billion dollars. Not chump change. He is in his 70s but has an infectious personality of someone much younger than his years. Have a look but be warned, if you get triggered by swear words, it’s probably not for you.

Brian Johnson – Entrepreneur

Brian Johnson creates short videos and podcasts for those favouring to listen. Johnson digests a book or set of ideas into something more consumable than reading a whole book. Many people don’t read books anymore which is a shame. Brian Johnson has created a business out of this opportunity by taking key ideas and making his philosophers notes and releases it on YouTube with the option to subscribe to receive the notes.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Social Media Entrepreneur

I love this guy. Gary Vee is an internet superstar. His videos are all really great. My favorite thing about Gary Vaynerchuk is that he is so real and honest and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He knows deeply what it is he wants and he goes out and gets it. A Belorussian by birth, he lives in the U.S most his life and runs a media organisation called Vayner Media. If you want to know which trends are going to kick off on social media, Gary Vee is usually on the ball and predicting the future. He releases short videos of himself talking consistent with his idea to ‘Document, don’t create’. He documents his working life and keeps his private life mostly private. If you are interested in Entrepreneurship and social media trends, I recommend watch his #DailyVee and subscribing to his social media channels. Uses swear words a lot but I find that endearing most of the time. People who swear are more honest, check this out. And check this Gary Vee video. His life goal is to buy the New York Jets. Watch to see if he achieves it.
What’s your life goal?

James Althucher – Entrepreneur

James Althucher is someone I initially started following on Linkedin because the content he was posting was really interesting. Then recently I started to watch some of his interviews and he is a really smart dude. He has recently written a book called Reinvent Yourself which I am interested to read.

Brian Rose – Founder & Host London Real

Brian Rose show London Real is great listen. Sometimes the guests are a bit hit and miss but whatever. I like that he is interested in always learning new things and the variety of guests on his show is great. He encourages his team to get involved in personal development and I love people who encourage those who they work with that it’s a value and something to work towards. Check out some of the above listed people on his show.

Have you any people that you enjoy listening to that motivate you towards becoming a better version of yourself?

Share them below.

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