What is Coaching?

This Coaching Thing, Tell Me More?

Maybe you have heard of coaching in sports or in executive circles but coaching is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world?

Some people can feel stuck and have that feeling of being lost in many areas of their lives. Working with a personal coach can enable you to gain clarity and perspective when you need to move forward on issues you might be struggling to move forward with.

It is a fairly new industry but people all over the world are embracing coaching and using it to; move their businesses forward, achieve greater life satisfaction through personal development, increase productivity, identify and execute on personal goals, decrease procrastination tendencies, enhance motivation, enhance personal relationships, boost confidence, feel greater self-esteem, develop time management skills and many more benefits that go unnoticed.

Simply put, a coach helps a client stay accountable to their goals through giving support, inspiration and helping hand to follow through on whatever they have decided to pursue in their lives.

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What Are Coaching Sessions Like?

Developing skills and increasing performance is a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to life. Instead of waiting for a car to break down most people bring it to be serviced by a mechanic on a regular basis.

The metaphor applies to humans too. Bringing ourselves to talk with a coach or personal development professional is a positive way to keep us from breaking down and focuses our attention on proactively moving towards our intended goals and can prepares us for any obstacles which might show up on our journey through life.

A coaching session is usually no longer than an hour, although sometimes it runs a little longer. Coaching sessions are conversations where the coach will ask you, as the coachee/client, lots of exploratory questions for the purpose of focusing you, the client, to discover the big answers which are inevitably already within.

Coaching is not an advice giving service and as such the solutions a client has for themselves are the best way forward. There is no better expert at our own lives than ourselves. I will never tell you what to do because you should be the architect and creator of your own life aiming towards your own personal greatness and I, nor anyone else has the answer to what that is or should be. You are the creator and architect of your own greatness!

Is Coaching Like Therapy or Counseling?
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Coaching is not therapy or counseling although some of the tools or skills used may be the same. Coaching is focused on the client’s future and any mention of the past is only in passing so the client can get to a place where action can be taken with the ideal future in mind.

Sometimes a coach can be hired by an organisation with a view to coach one of their members of staff with the aim of helping them reach their full potential.

It is important that everyone involved in this sort of arrangement understands the reasons for the coach being there and the expectations are set collaboratively on what is trying to be achieved by engaging in the coaching relationship.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

John Whitmore – Author of ‘Coaching for Performance’

How Progress Happens?
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Whatever the goal we have, more often that not, the person we are today does not have the attitude, skills, knowledge, confidence, mindset or a combination of any of those to go and achieve that goal. YET!

The person we wish to become is what we get clear on in the coaching sessions. I help you to paint the vivid picture of the person you wish to be and we discuss the ways that will allow you to bridge the gap between today’s version and the future version of who you.

If you are interested in working towards the future version of yourself with me, get in touch below! I look forward to working with you and travelling with you on the journey of self creation and discovery………….

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