Three Huge Coaching Benefits Of Working With A Professional Life Coach

Huge coaching benefits using a coach

Coaching benefits everyone. Everyone should have a coach, I firmly believe this. There are many things which hold people back in life from moving forward in a direction that they desire. Issues which stop them from going out and making new connections, asking that special someone out on a date or going for that career that they always wanted to have. Some of these things are outside of our awareness and we cannot see them from the position of being ‘in our own way’.

This is where the benefits of working with a Life Coach can come in really handy and promote achievement. There are multiple benefits to working with a Life Coach, but in this post, I will focus on three things which will really help speed up the journey from uncertainty and indecisiveness to clarity and heightened awareness that comes from working with a professional Life Coach.

In the following video, Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt talk about the value of working with a Coach and why they think everyone should have a Coach.

Benefit #1 – Setting Goals

Goal setting could have its own blog post and in the future I will write more on the topic but goal setting is something that very few people actually engage in. A Harvard Business study revealed that more than 80% of the population don’t set goals and that as little as 3% of people write their goals down on paper. Without clearly defining what it is that one wishes to achieve, how are they expected to succeed? Having some form of direction in which the setting of a goal brings about, the individual has created a way for them to track the results they want to achieve in their life.

The role of the coach in this process is to isolate what the client really wants by questioning many of the assumptions and premises that the client may have carried over from the culture, family or the education system that might not be working in their favour anymore. After the goal is clear, the coach helps to co-create an action plan that fits for the client so they can move forward and accomplish it.

Benefit #2 – Boosted Confidence/Self-esteem

A Coach will allow the client a safe space to unpack their self-image and look at the relationship between their present image and where they wish to be. This is, in effect, a way of designing the type of person the client wishes be as they move forward in life. The issues which make up our self-esteem and the potency of our self-esteem is largely connected to the relationship we have to our inner world and our desire to learn, make better decisions for wellbeing and respond appropriately and adequately to change.

As Nathaniel Branden (see 6 Pillars of Self-esteem) suggests, ‘Self-esteem has to do with what I think of me, not what anyone else thinks of me’.  A Coach takes the client through this terrain at a pace that the client is comfortable with and allows for new opportunities for lasting and sustained self-knowledge and improvements in terms of confidence and self-esteem.

Benefit #3 – Accountability

Procrastination can be a problem that many people fall victim to. A large reason for this can be due to the fact that the task or goal in question has nobody holding them to account. Many times we will make goals but not actually tell anybody about them. We may talk about them in passing and pay lip service to them implying a non-committed attitude.

The reason working with a Life Coach on such issues can reap such success is because a Coach will hold the client accountable to their goals and action plans. Having awareness in our mind that somebody is there in our corner, wanting us to achieve our goals is really powerful. That allows us to power through our self-limiting beliefs and helps us achieve the greatness that we all really want to achieve deep down.

A life coach will not allow you give yourself any excuses as to why you cannot show up the best you can. They can be the filter between your B.S. making machine and your aspirations, helping you to clear the fog.  Just like a personal trainer will hold athletes and bodybuilders to task on their training regime, a Life Coach holds their clients to task on their agreed upon targets and will remind them of the action plan they agreed upon and when and if they have slid off track. This psychological factor is strong enough to produce the results that the clients have set out.

Remembering that I‘ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important

Steve Jobs

If you wish to explore some of the benefits of working with a Life Coach, you can contact me here and we can begin the journey to unleashing the potential within and begin to create the life you wish to design for yourself.