Are You A Millennial? Prove Simon Sinek Wrong!

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Are you a millennial?

Have you seen Sinon Sinek’s challenge to your generation recently. He cites some claims that your generation seems to lack very much patience. He also talks about some entitlement which arises from some of the crazy parenting and schooling practices that go on these days where participation awards are given to people who come in last place, which makes them feel even worse than they would without receiving such an award.

The reality that is naively being  attempted to keep millennials sheltered will come about when every millennial reaches the market and it comes time to provide value to their fellow man. This false existence being sold in schools and at home is nothing representative of what the market for employment or innovation is really like. Watch Sinek’s video here.

That sounds like a challenge to me. How can you prove him wrong?

I believe in your generation.

You have a choice to view yourselves as victims of these bad practices or you can become proactive and say -to hell with that, we are going to create the future -OUR WAY.

I think your generation is going to bring about a new way of existing in the world.

I believe this will be nothing like we have experienced before.

It might not be necessarily visible right now, but I see a bountiful free world in the future because your generation is going to imagine that freedom into existence.

I will probably only catch it at the tail end of my life, how great it will become, as you begin to make life on this planet amazingly easy to thrive and live longer and more abundantly.

Happiness wont just be the thing to strive for anymore. There will be variants of the happy life that you will be ordering like a hotel break for a few days.

Experience niches will be on offer to people to experience living situations and realities that are becoming more and more apparent in travelling blogs. As more wealth fills the world the proliferation of everything will begin to create a world where the idea of patience might not even matter.

Millennials – Go prove Sinek wrong!

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