Hate Christmas? 5 Things to do instead.
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Do you believe Christmas is an expensive, nonsensical time of year?

With its commercialism and people getting merry and jovial, it can be a joyous occasion for many people to get together with loved ones and catch up and look back on the year.

However, for some, it is an annoyance and a pain. Some people do not get on with their families and have very few loved ones to share the occasion with. Some find the whole thing fake and a waste of money and effort. Some people are not religious and think that the idea of Santa Claus is harmful to children and creates unnecessary expectations for children. Maybe you find the Christmas songs grating for the trillionth time hearing ‘do they know it’s Christmas’ on the radio. The time of year when people knock on your door singing songs that you might not necessarily like to hear and then after the performance expect you to give them a reward for their lung screeching efforts.

‘Bah humbug’, I hear many of you say, who love the break for Christmas. Good for you! I wish you guys a happy and peaceful Christmas.  I would urge you to reserve your judgment and spare a thought for those who maybe had to move far away from their loved ones and will be alone this Christmas. Or, those who may have lost a loved one and will be spending this Christmas without them for the first time, it can be a very challenging time of year for some people and they just wish it would be over already.

Whatever the reason you are not looking forward to Christmas this year, please read on for some suggestions of what to do to get you closer to January as painless as possible. On Christmas day perhaps consider these 5 potential activities;

Cook something nice and un-christmasy for yourself. Maybe go wild and try something adventurous like making Mexican or something Korean or something you have never attempted before. I love a nice Bibimbap and will include a recipe here. This is really tasty grub which my friend João calls comfort food. It takes a few ingredients but is well worth it.

Write a communication to the people you have relationships with in your life. Let them know how you feel and open up to them about how you value them and what way you like them. Maybe think about mentioning ways you see the relationships improving in the future. If you have relationships that are not currently working out how you would like and you also wish for them to be strengthened, maybe reach out and let them know how you would like to do this. This allows those who may be on the periphery of your life know that you are available to deepen the bond with them or that you are wanting to repair bonds that have been causing you some discomfort. I have written about growing apart from friends in the past.

Do some work – If you really don’t like Christmas, why not channel that energy into doing something productive on Christmas day? Why not? Getting ahead is a good enough reason as any to get to work on finishing what you have been doing and working towards lately. The choice is yours. You could, of course, watch the reruns of Home Alone and E.T on the TV but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not get out of the house altogether and give a few hours at a soup kitchen? Do some voluntary work at a homeless shelter even. This can be a very impactful thing to do and you can get perspective on how others experience the Christmas period too. It can also be tremendously rewarding to do this kind of work and also great fun. The Simon Community do great work at this time of year around Dublin.

Jump into a book or movie? Seeing as most things are closed in Ireland on Christmas day, why not open that book you have been meaning to read the last few years? Or maybe a documentary that a friend recommended to you to watch? When you are hungry then later on and you don’t feel like cooking, here is a list of places in Dublin that you can go to and get something to eat.

Get the weights out and pump iron. Getting the old weights out to do some lifting can be a great thing to do to raise your mood. Even throw on the jacket and go for a run. Getting your heart rate up is only going to benefit your health in the long run. There is not going to be anyone on the roads so you will have the run of the streets to yourself.

Although you don’t like or feel capable of too much Christmas cheer, others around you may do, a lot. People around all corners of the globe love Christmas and celebrate it in their traditional ways. If you are not too impressed by Christmas, maybe consider abstaining from social media to pontificate about it and consider allowing others their own room to celebrate it and take one of the above suggestions and run with it.If you become aware that the reason you are feeling alone or annoyed is an avoidant strategy and you are looking to do something to distract yourself from that feeling, maybe the best thing you could do in that moment would be to journal honestly about it. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and dump that stuff out of your mind onto paper and declutter your head from the things that are salient regarding your feelings toward Christmas. This could be a great opportunity for growth by challenging what is alive for you inside, and maybe running away from the cultural norm is a desire that is born out of some deep frustration that you are not acknowledging?Other potential activities could be:

  • Write a poem

  • Write a song

  • Learn about freedom

  • Give a random person a small gift

  • Pull faces in the mirror all day

  • Drink fruit cocktails

  • Learn a coding language

  • Do your accounts for the year

  • Design something you would like to wear

  • Walk around your house naked all day

  • Write a script to a play or movie

  • Plan your summer holidays

  • Laugh more

  • Skype someone and make them laugh

  • Treat yourself like royalty and call yourself ‘My Royal Highness’

  • If it’s snowing, make snow angels in your garden or outside

  • Take picture of interesting things

  • Clean your house, top to bottom

Whilst many of those suggestions might be silly and a bit of a joke some people might really need someone to talk to and feel that they do not want to reach out and feel like a burden. I would urge you to speak with a loved one if this sounds like you. If you cannot speak to a loved one or a friend, someone on this number 116 123 will speak with you. The Samaritans do some great work around this time of year and the calls are free.

Whether it’s a bah humbug or a Merry Christmas for you, I hope 2017 is excellent for us all and that you get out of it, everything that you put into it.

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