Back To The Future And Our Choices

Back To The Future was the first movie I went to the cinema to see as a child. It remains my favourite movie of all time, but full disclosure, I am not a huge movie fan and have never seen many big blockbusters like Star Wars or Godfather.  I really should, maybe at the weekend!

The Back To The Future trilogy were some of my favourite movies growing up as a child. Great Scott, tomorrow, 21st of October 2015, marks the day in BTTF2 when Marty , Jennifer and Doc travel to the future to attempt to rescue their children’s future from a disaster situation.

Throughout the movies, the idea about free will and determinism arises, but for this post, I would like people to consider the idea that we are not just passive players in the way our lives turn out. We are active players and writers of our own life scripts and reality.

From the perspective of the characters who are living in 2015, the writers portray them as mostly deterministic, requiring Doc and Marty to come back to change the outcomes that have supposedly been sown. At most points in our lives, we can access our free will with some awareness and self-reflection. In this way, one event does not make the (wo)man. Our choices in many instances can be actioned in a variety of ways.

The picture in BTTF1, where Marty’s family appear to fade away one by one allude to the writers own belief in or attempts to portray this belief in free will along with many other instances dotted around the movie. This article speaks to these points if you wish to have a look.

Some people come and go in our lives

My main aim in this blog post has been to try highlighting prevention being superior to cure. Preventing people from thinking in terms of attempting to consider elaborate ways to evade disaster or having desires to change the past. By making better decisions and choices today and in the present, which is all that really exists, we can create the life we want to have right now and start living it this moment.

Shredding guitar maybe a bit too much

With time and with a coach if you should choose one, you can  begin to consider what a rosy future would look like and make concerted efforts to take steps to get there. No need for flux capacitors or DeLoreans, if you prepare well, your path will lead you to your desired outcome regardless. As Doc tells Marty and Jennifer in  BTTF3, “Your future hasn’t been written yet. Nobody’s has!”

Back from the past

I suppose the main focus here is on feelings of regret or failure and the sense of how we may have been in control of altering the past. Something to consider about failure is that we can reconfigure the judgement we have about failure and consider it as necessary feedback that we need to alter our future attempts at a goal or ambition. Regret is pointless. It takes us out of the focus on the present and is useless anyway because there is nothing we can do about the past. The is, until a time when the car below does actually get created. I won’t hold my breath though.

Dont wait for the future make good choices now
Back to the future and regrets
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